Guinea pig names


With so many Guinea pig names to choose from, which one will you pick?

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From their mischievous personalities and good looks, to their kaleidoscope of colours – finding the name that matches your piggy perfectly is no easy task!

Check out our list of girl, boy, famous and not so famous Guinea pig names for your perfect match.

Girl guinea pig names

Alani Amaya Amber
Amethyst Ana Arabelle
Ariel Ariya Astrid
Aurora Rose Aurelia Autumn
Azura Blossom Bluebell
Boadicea Bubbles Butterscotch
Caramel Carmel Cinnamon
Cleo Cookie Daisy
Daphne Delilah Ebony
Eevie Elsa Enya
Fiona Florette Fluffernutter
Giselle Hazel Juniper
Kira Liliath Luna Rae
Lylah Macaroon Maple
Marshmallow Maya Mia
Mocha Nala Nutmeg
Olive Onyxia Opal
Orla Pandora Peaches
Pearl Poppy Rhea
Rona Ruby Sadie
Saffron Sapphire Savannah
Scarlett Selah Sienna
Snickerdoodle Sophie Sparkle
Taffy Teagan Tilly
Tiramasu Trinity Willow
Willow Ivy Tootsie Twinkletoes
Betty boop

Looking for a name that matches the rumble and tumble of your boy guinea pig? Then check these out:

Boy Guinea pig names


Aladdin Albert Alvin
Arwen Ash/Asher Arthur
Badger Bailey Baize
Basil Biscuit Blue
Bo Bobby Boris
Bramble Brandy Bruno
Bubbles Bumble Butterscotch
Captain Jack Sparrow Caramel Charlie/Charlie Brown
Chewbacca Cocoa Colonel Mustard
Conker Dabbler Dasher
Delboy Dexter Doc
Dorito Dougal Edward
Flopsy Freddie Frodo
Fudge Fuzzy bear Garnet
George Ginger Gingerbread man
Gizmo Goliath Gromet
Gus Hunter Lennox
Leonard Leonardo Max
Milo Mopsy Mr Bumble
Mr Jingles Mr Scrimbles Mr Snuffles
Muffin Nutmeg Oreo
Paddington Peanut Percy
Perry Pigglepops Raven
Red Rory Rowan
Rumplestiltskin Rusty Scout
Sheldon Sherlock Shortbread
Sinbad Snoop Dogg Socks
Sonic Spongebob Spud
Sunny Teddy Timothy
Tiny Toffee Tom Thumb
Tommy Topsy Tumeric
Twitch Wheatley Winston
Woody Zebedee Zorro

Do your Guinea pigs’ show film star tendencies? Posing for the camera and generally looking gorgeous? Then maybe your Guinea pigs’ need a bit more ‘Hollywood!!!’

Movie and TV star names for Guinea pigs


  • Betty and Wilma – the modern stone age wives of Fred and Barney in the Flintstones
  • Cagney and Lacey – the feisty female detectives from the 1980’s hit show
  • Cher and Dionne – who could ever forget the two trendy best friends from Clueless?
  • Mary Kate and Ashley – these sisters shot to fame as the Olsen twins, starring in film and TV during the 1990’s.
  • Monica and Rachel – the best friends we all love to love
  • Thelma and Louise – and even better best friends from the female buddy road movie
  • Tia and Tamera
  • Velma and Roxy from Chicago. Who could forget the vampy duo of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Renee Zellweger?

If you’ve got boy Guinea pigs, here are a few famous names for you:


  • Dolce and Gabbana – if your Guinea pigs’ have real style, then maybe D&G are the names for them!
  • Homer and Bart – the famous father and son Simpsons combo
  • Batman and Robin – we all need a superhero in our lives. So why not these two?
  • Bert and Ernie – we all love Sesame street
  • Bugs and Daffy – which was your favourite from this famous duo?
  • Elvis and Presley – why have two famous movie stars when you can have one super famous rock star?
  • Tom and Jerry – they were best friends really
  • Beavis and Butthead
  • Woody and Buzz –  your piggy’s love to explore, just as much as these two did
  • Kirk and Spock – a name that’s not so many light years away
  • Hans Solo and Chewbacca – every one’s favourite Star Wars duo.

Funny Guinea pig names

Looking for a piggy name that raises a chuckle? Then check these out:

Cookie crumbles Cotton candy Cuddle bunny
Cupcake Furball Fuzzmeister
M&M Miss Piggy Miss Tiggywinkle
Pigglepops Pipsqueak Pork chop
Princess Poppy Snickerdoodle Snickers
Stud muffin The Hulk Tiggle my piggle

Guinea pig names from the ExoticDirect family

Who better to provide you with a list of names than a company that provides insurance for a whole host of Guinea pigs! Here are just a few of the great names our lovely Guinea pig owners have given their pets.

Neville and Margaret Freddie and Hiccup Ronnie and Reggie
Dennis and Jeremy Miss Honey and Tinks Ginger
Tamzin and Taliyah Tonks and Teddy Blue and River
Slash and Axl Rainbow and Lavender Suzi and Effy
Trixie Rolo and Ginger Lily and Albus
Scooby Fluffle Sparky
Dexter Freddie and Jonathan Poppy and Edward
Jasper Bert Fudge and Cream
Chewie and Bobby Pimpolho Ozzy and Lemmy
Kirk Ben and Patch Pepsi and Pixie
Oreo and Galaxy

If none of these are right for your piggy, then try looking at Guinea pig groups on Facebook. Members are usually very happy to help with ideas, and you’ll see lots of piggy pics and meet their owners.

Happy name hunting!


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Tamara Labelle
18 Aug 2020

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