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Should your bird get ill, he or she now has a much better chance of getting better compared to a few years ago. Changes to diagnostic, imaging equipment, and treatment options have vastly improved. However, with no NHS for pets, this has come at a cost for pet owners……

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As a parrot owner your bird is a member of your family. Indeed your bird is probably one of your best friends. And to your bird, you are their world.

You probably try not too think about him getting ill or needing a vet visit, however this could happen. And vet visits can get very expensive.

This article examines why vet fees can be so high, and why parrot insurance can make sense.

Why are vet costs so high?

The availability of new diagnostic and imaging equipment along with the introduction of new drugs and medical technologies has led to an increase in costs for vet practices.

These advances are fantastic, however not all vets can absorb those cost increases. Technology costs money, as does new drugs. Costs therefore end up getting passed onto the pet owner, meaning a higher vet bill.

Other factors that contribute to your vet bill are:

    • VAT: this is currently 20%, and is added to your vet bill.
    • 24 hour a day, 365 days a week service: Vet practices are required by law to offer emergency first aid and pain relief 24 hours a day. The provision is laid out by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons under their code of professional conduct,.For some practices though, this can mean an increase in costs which can get passed onto pet owners.
    • Vet fees also vary depending on where you live: Research by the Guardian in 2016 revealed that charges vary across the country depending on where you live. London was the most expensive.
  • Referral fees: Another reason for higher vet fees can be due to referral fees. These can occur when your pet gets referred from one vet to a more specialised vet.The new vet then needs to report any findings back to the original treating vet, which can lead to ‘referral’ charges.

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Is pet insurance worth it?

Nobody can ever tell whether you’re going to need your pet insurance.  However if you do need it, it can mean the difference between what your pet needs, and what you can afford. It can take away that worry.

You may choose instead to save money in a bank account, or borrow money, however this may not be enough. Some vet bills can run into the thousands of pounds.

Pet insurance can meet these bills, and it’s there, waiting.

According to Pete Wedderburn a practicing vet in Dublin “A vet is not making more money off an insured animal. What insurance does is give the vet more options.”.

Did you know that the average UK pet insurance claim went up from £721 to £757 between 2015 to 2016. The Association of British Insurers stated that this was a 5% increase.

Pet insurance claim statistics

We’re proud to hold an outstanding claims paid statistic having paid 92% of all claims in 2015, and 92% of claims in 2014.

Claims paid during 2016 include:

  • £858 for an African Grey with a Crop Infection (the crop is part of the digestive tract)
  • £628 for an African Grey with a Digestive Disorder
  • £809 for a Green Wing Macaw with Air Sac Granuloma (a respiratory condition)
  • £1422 for an Eclectus parrot with Aspergillosis (a respiratory condition)

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Did you know this about parrot insurance with ExoticDirect?

  • You can insure your parrot for either £2,500 or £5,000 worth of vet fees. Meaning you can focus on getting the right kind of treatment for your bird.
  • Policies can include death and theft cover
  • You can insure your parrot from 12 weeks of age
  • There’s no upper age limit on our policies, meaning that you can insure her even if she’s over 50!

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What about policy exclusions when it comes to making a claim?

We’re pleased to have paid 92% of all claims in both 2014 and 2015.

However, any kind of insurance policy is subject to exclusions. When you purchase your policy you should read your Policy Terms and Conditions carefully. This details what’s covered, and what isn’t. You can also read our Policy Terms and Conditions on our website.

According to Peter Jones president of the British Veterinary Association, all pet insurance policies have some exclusions. “The most common being pre-existing conditions, anything related to pregnancy or birth, and any routine, preventive or planned treatments such as vaccinations and spaying.”

Sophie Christie states that almost all insurers will refuse to cover an animal with a pre-existing medical condition. If they do, the premiums are likely to be huge.

About ExoticDirect

ExoticDirect have been insuring exotic pets since 1996, and have the knowledge and expertise to have been able to design policies with your pet in mind.

As a small & experienced team, we offer a more personal service; our customers appreciate being able to speak to the same people when dealing with ExoticDirect.

We offer a (0% APR) Direct Debit scheme, meaning you can spread payments easily over 10 monthly instalments.

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Tamara Labelle
14 Sep 2016

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