We’re proud to be sponsoring the Barn Owl Centre, Gloucester


ExoticDirect are pleased to announce that once again we are supporting the Barn Owl Centre in Gloucester, by sponsoring the re-seeding of their wildlife meadow, which is a valuable nature reserve for plants, insects and wildlife.

Currently the meadow is in desperate need of attention, and is full of weeds and nettles. A range of wild flower seeds will be planted in the meadow during April, ready for the summer bloom.

The Barn Owl Centre, a registered charity, is based on a 12.5 acre farm, and is focused on the conservation of wild Barn owls, other british owls and raptors. Set in the beautiful English countryside, the sanctuary rescues wild and captive bred owls and raptors that have been injured and rehabilitates them. Some of the birds go back into the wild, and many stay in captivity. This depends on whether they were originally wild or captive bred. It’s illegal to release a captive bred bird into the wild.

The wild flower meadow to be sponsored by ExoticDirect, is often used for flying experiences, and for visitors to relax in. During the summer it’s a haven for wildlife and insects, and is exceptionally beautiful, adding peace and tranquility to the centre.

ExoticDirect offer vet fee, mortality and theft cover for Birds of Prey.

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During 2014, ExoticDirect funded the building of the Release Aviary where sick and injured wild Tawny owls could be rehabilitated. Vincent, who is the founder of the charity spoke of the rehabilitation program, explaining that having recovered from their injury or illness, the birds were gradually reintroduced into the wild. They had the opportunity to leave the aviary and return for food when required – the process was carefully monitored.

Releasing owls back into the wild comes with its challenges – influencing factors can include the time of year and other owls in the area. Owls are very territorial, so releasing rehabilitated owls needs to be carefully monitored. Cameras were set up to monitor the process, and the programme was deemed successful.

As part of their program, they also care for captive bred Barn owls, Tawny owls, Eagle owls and Buzzards along with other owl species. These are part of the ‘Barn Owl Centre’ family. These beautiful birds contribute towards educational programmes for visitors, school parties, scouts, guides and other clubs. Along with Hawks, they also take part in flying experiences for visitors to the centre.

We offer Liability insurance for Birds of Prey. This can include static displays, flying displays, private flying and more.

The centre has a strong educational ethos, encouraging landowners to install nest boxes on their land, along with offering advice on how else landowners can help these beautiful birds.

We are proud to be sponsors of the Barn Owl Centre. Find out more about the centre by visiting their website.

Tamara Labelle
25 Oct 2022

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