What are good lizard names: male, female, famous and fictional


What should you call a pet lizard? We sought inspiration from fellow lizard owners, social media star reptiles and the most famous fictional lizards to give you some ideas.

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What to name your lizard?

The best way to give a pet a name that really suits it is to observe it and get to know its character. Like humans, lizards have different personalities.

Watch your pet lizard, notice how it interacts with its environment, whether it makes any unusually noises or seems attracted to particular objects. Perhaps it is something about the way it moves or stands, or the food he’d rather have or not have that could be very characteristic.

Looking at the little idiosyncrasies that make your pet lizard unique is a great place to start.

Here are some names to inspire you:

Boy lizard names | Girl lizard names | Gender-neutral and cute lizard names | Star-lizard names | Fictional lizard names

Boy lizard names

Angel Bam Bam Boo
Basil Leonardo Iggy
Bad Bill Wally Yoshi
Draco Dragon Spike
Hook Fang Baragon
Slider Eragon Elliot
Dino Dexter Yoda
Buzz Darwin Arnie
Neo Ceaser Apollo

Girl lizard names

Sephira Godzilla Zilla
Liz Hydra Goanna
Joanna Lizzie Rosie
Princess Pixie Pebbles
Nessie Coco Nagini
Kaa Medusa Skylla
Izzy Kahlua Elliza
Gizzy Kiwi Riva
Suki Penny Vega

Gender-neutral and cute lizard names

Tongues Speedy Tiny
Scratch Stormfly Spot
Toothless Sweetums Freckles
Peanut Littlefoot Cammy
Rainbow Claws Leap
Jo Jo Puff Cleo
Flick Stickypad Twitch
Aiden Cameron Charlie
Remi Indigo Vega

Green Chameleon staring into the distanceSocial media star lizards are glamorous

Star-lizard names

Maybe you’d like to name your lizard after a social media star lizard. Let’s see what we’ve got.

Boris – Boris the chameleon has been capturing reptile-lovers’ hearts since 2015.

Wyatt – This gorgeous beardie loved playing board games and dress-up with his owner. Sadly Wyatt crossed the rainbow last year but he is still in the hearts of the many Instagram followers he touched.

Grunt – Grunt is a Hypo Bearded Dragon. His Instagram account is full of cool photos of him lounging in the sun, enjoying a treat of live worms or staring meaningfully into the distance.

Rex – Inspired by Tyrannosaurus rex? We’re not sure but Rex the bearded dragon from England has nearly 4,000 followers on Instagram.

MacGyver – he is one of the most famous lizards on the internet. The Red Degu MacGyver impresses with his size – he is as big as a medium dog.

Lizard names in fiction

A testimony to lizards’ popularity is the fact that they have crept their way into popular fiction. These are some of the most memorable fictional reptiles. Could one of their names suit your pet lizard?Rango – from the animated film Rango(2011) and voiced by Johnny Depp. Rango is an eccentric, intelligent hero who gets lost in the Mojave Desert of Nevada where his owners terrarium falls out of his car by accident. He wanders the dessert, strikes good friendships and faces amazing adventures.

Knuckels – Does anyone remember Daisy Duck’s pet iguana in Disney’s Quack Pack? Quack Pack was a 1996 Disney cartoon series starring Donalt Duck and his nephews. Knuckles is a blue iguana with an insatiable appetites.

Geico Gecko – Geico Gecko made his first official appearance on TV in 1999 in a CEICO commercial. Since then, the famous gecko has had many TV appearances in the US car insurer’s ads. In 2005 Geico Gecko had a CGI revamp. The gecko has a traditional English cockney accent.

The mixed-up Chameleon – You might be thinking “this is a long name” and you’d be right. But this children’s character has a very wise message: be yourself. The mixed-up Chameleon from the eponymous children’s book is small and green but wants to be as beautiful as a flamingo, as funny as a seal and as smart as a fox. He undergoes many transformations to achieve his dream but finally realises that there’s no one better to be than himself.

Charmander – also know as Hitokage in Japana is one of the first Pokemon. He’s a starter character that a player can choose in Pokemon Red and Blue and its remakes, and has appeared in various animes and other Pokemon spin-offs. Also a chameleon.

Do any of these remind you of your pet lizard? If yes, you might have a winner.

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Irina M. Wells
12 Jun 2019

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