What should you look for when choosing a vet?


At ExoticDirect we see situations where pets have become poorly, and their pet parent didn’t realise that their local ‘cat and dog’ vet couldn’t treat exotics. This has resulted in a panicking owner, and undue stress for the pet.

A claim we processed that involved a situation like this, was for an African Grey parrot, Bertie, who was choking on a nut and a piece of plastic. His owner, John, visited a local vet, who couldn’t help. This resulted in a very stressful experience, involving a 30 mile trip to see an avian vet. All this time, poor Bertie was going downhill very quickly. Bertie was a member of the family, and was dearly loved.

Thankfully, the avian vet was able to treat him, and at the time of the review, Bertie was fully recovered, and back to himself. John now knows how important registering with a specialist vet is, and emphasises this in his review.

At ExoticDirect we often see situations like this, which truly emphasise the importance of registering with an exotic pet vet early.

We could cover your bird for unexpected vets fees.

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How can I find an exotic pet vet near me?

You can visit the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) website and conduct an advanced search for vets in your area, specialising in your pet type. You can refine your search using postcode, practice name or location.

Once you have found a suitable vet – contact them. Situations can change, so it’s best to be sure they’ll treat your pet.

Next, get your pet registered with that vet. That way, should the worst happen, you’ve got your vet organised, and treatment can be quicker and more efficient.

It can also save you money! If your pet has been referred to a specialist vet, the specialist may charge you what’s known as ‘referral fees’. This is because your pet has been ‘referred’ to them. Referral fees can be higher than the usual fees charged at that practice. This is because the specialist vet has to report findings back to the original vet.

ExoticDirect’s pet insurance can cover up to a set amount in vet fees in a policy year. So why waste your cover on un-necessary costs?

So, get your exotic pet registered with a suitable vet. It can save you and your pet unnecessary stress, time and worry.

Our policies can include vet fee cover, mortality and theft. We also offer a range of cover levels suitable for your pet type. Why not get a quote?

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Alternatively you can call us on 0345 982 5505

Tamara Labelle
11 Feb 2016

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