How much does it cost to own a Leopard Gecko?


So you want to buy a Leopard Gecko? Making sure you know the costs involved is important – so that you’re not left feeling out of pocket.

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If you have your eye on a new Gecko friend, then making sure you’ve got the right set up is really important.

We’ve done the research on what set up you’ll need for your new Gecko, how much it’ll cost and where you can buy it – to help you on your way.

How much do Leopard Gecko’s cost?

Leopard Gecko’s can cost from £35 up to hundreds of pounds. It all depends on the type of gecko you buy and its rarity.


    • Normal Leopard Geckos are one of the most popular breeds and cost around £35. This cute Leopard Gecko is covered in black spots.


    • Hypo Leopard Gecko’s are also a popular breed and can cost around £35.


Hypo’s generally have 10 or less spots on their main body, excluding their head and tail.

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Cost of other Leopard Gecko breeds


    • An Albino Mack Snow Leopard Gecko can cost around £60.



  • A Tangerine Leopard Gecko can cost around £100.


Prices were sourced from Global Gecko’s on 20th September 2017.

It would be impossible to list all the breeds available as there are just so many.

In fact there are over 100 different colour morphs, and prices can vary depending on the colour combination and rarity.

Very rare morphs are often sold in the US and can cost hundreds of dollars.

You can choose to buy your Leopard Gecko from a shop, from an online marketplace or from a breeder.

There also breeders meetings held by The International Herpetological Society, You can’t buy lizards there, but you view and order them.

How much is a Leopard Gecko set up?

Setting up your Leopard Gecko’s habitat can cost around £221 (excluding the cost of your Gecko).  Costs can vary depending on what you choose.

Read on to find out what each item costs.

It’s important that your gecko’s habitat mimics his natural environment as closely as possible.

You will need to provide:


  • A vivarium
  • UV lighting (check with your vet – but some experts recommend it)
  • Basking Lamp
  • Infra red lamp
  • Substrate
  • Heat mat
  • Thermometer/Hygrometer
  • Hides
  • Food


how much is food for a leopard geckoLeopard Gecko and his food

How much is food for a Leopard Gecko?

You can buy 500 crickets for £1.88 and mealworms (60g) pack for £1.88 both from Northampton Reptile Centre.

These are the most popular food for Leopard Geckos.

Leopard Geckos are insectivores meaning they eat insects, and other than crickets and mealworms there are a whole range of other insects they can munch on.


Some experts also say that they can also eat fruit such as papaya, peach and apricot.

Here’s a list of the cost of food for your Leopard Gecko:


  • Crickets cost around £1.88 for 500.
  • Mealworms cost around £1.88 for a 60g pack.
  • Waxworms cost around £8.21 for a tub of 250. All available from the Northampton Reptile Centre.
  • Dubia Cockroaches – a pack of 16 cost around £4.94 from Livefoods Direct
  • Fruit Beetle Grubs – pack of 10 for £5.79 from Amazon


Before you give your gecko their yummy insects, there’s a few things you need to do first.

You need to gut load them – this involves giving the insects something nice and nutritious to eat 24 hours before they’re eaten. This makes them as healthy as possible for your gecko.

The gut loading formula Repashy Superfoods Super Load costs £7.64 from Northampton Reptile centre.

You also need to dust the live food with calcium powder with a low vitamin D3 supplement. Repashy Superfoods Calcium Plus is great for this – sold at £9.34 from Northampton Reptile Centre.

Leopard Gecko’s like all reptiles are at risk of metabolic bone disease, through lack of calcium in their diet.

Calcium powder helps to provide this nutritional requirement and the vitamin D3 will help their bodies synthesise it.

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How much is a feeding bowl for a Leopard Gecko?

You can buy a feeding bowl costing £3.97 from 888 reptiles.

How much is a vivarium for a Leopard Gecko

Leopard Gecko vivarium’s cost around £95.99 for a 86×37.5x42cm tank from Northampton Reptile Centre.

If you don’t want to shell out for a brand new vivarium, you can pick up second hand ones for around £55 on Ebay. These can also include extras.

It’s important to invest in a vivarium that is easy to access and keep clean. Don’t opt for too large a tank because your gecko will struggle to find his heat source or hide.

If anything your gecko’s tank should be long and wide and not tall.

Leopard Gecko’s lack adhesive lamella which means they can’t climb surfaces easily (they won’t stick to them). Gecko’s have tiny claws instead.

Therefore your gecko will get his exercise from running around the bottom of his tank, rather than up and down the sides.

You can find more information about the right size vivarium in our article Leopard Gecko vivarium set up

Substrate costs for Leopard Geckos

You have a choice of a variety of substrates for your Gecko. Depending on what you choose prices can range from around 50p for a newspaper to around £10 for lino.

It’s important to choose the correct substrate for your gecko’s vivarium. It should be easy to remove and clean and your gecko shouldn’t be able to eat it.

You can choose from sand (not recommended), tiles, reptile carpet, lino, flat stones, paper towels, or newspaper.

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How much do tiles cost for a vivarium?

Tiles or flat stones – B&Q sells floor tiles starting at £5 for a pack 9. You may also be able to get off cuts from smaller tile merchants for free.

Builders merchants should be able to supply you with slate tiles which seem to be a popular choice in the reptile forums we looked at.

How much does sand cost for a vivarium?

You can buy calcium sand from Jollyes priced at £7.

Some gecko owners and experts advise against the use of sand as a substrate due to the risk of the gecko eating it and developing impaction. Before choosing this as a substrate do some research – and check that you’re happy with it.

How much does reptile carpet cost for a vivarium?

Reptile carpet starts at around £3.19 from the Northampton Reptile Centre.

The risks of reptile carpet are that your Leopard Gecko’s claws can get stuck in it. It can also harbour bacteria if not kept clean.

How much is lino for a vivarium?

Lino prices start at around £10 from B&Q.

The benefits of lino is its really easy to keep clean, however your gecko could slip slightly on it.

How much are paper towels and newspapers for a vivarium?

Paper towels and newspaper around £2 and are quick and easy to dispose of. Your vivarium can be kept very clean using these.

However, the down side is they’re not permanent, and costs could mount up over time.

Heat and light for your Leopard Gecko

Skip to the cost of lighting and heating.

Leopard geckos originate from very hot, dry areas, with an average summer day light length of 12 hours and winter day light length of 10 hours.

There’s been debate as to whether Leopard Gecko’s are nocturnal, only active at night, or crepuscular, meaning they’re active at dawn and dusk.

Some articles and blogs suggest they’re crepuscular, which also means they do get exposed to UV light, and it should form a part of their husbandry.

Do Leopard Geckos need UV lighting?

Opinions are divided on whether a Leo should be exposed to UV lighting.

Experts such as vet Sean McCormack believe it’s a vital part of their husbandry. Other expert opinions and research support his advice.

However on researching the topic, we found some pet owners were strongly against the recommendations.

If you do choose to provide your Leopard Gecko with UV lighting, then exposure should be for short periods as their bodies can absorb it quickly. It’s suggested that 2 hours a day is about right.

Vitamin D3 in the form of supplements is a suggested alternative, however it’s been suggested that this could have its problems. For example: providing the wrong amount of supplementation, and vitamin decay.

We would suggest you speak to your exotics vet for expert advice. And remember, without Vitamin D3, whether through UV or through Vitamin D3, your Leopard Gecko could be at risk of Metabolic Bone Disease.

What’s the cost of UV lighting for a Leopard Gecko?

You can buy an Arcadia D3 Reptile Lamp 6% 18W for £21.99 from Northampton Reptile Centre.

Other Lighting and heating

Leopard Gecko’s lighting should mimic their natural day. You can provide a basking lamp during the day and an infra-red light (that emits no light) during the night.

How much do basking lamps and infra red heat lamps cost?

You can buy a basking lamp for £2.80 for a 40 w bulb from the Northampton Reptile Centre

You can buy an Infra red heat lamp for £15.99 from Petcare 247.

How much are Basking Spot Lamp Holders?

lamp fitting will cost you £6.40 from the Northampton Reptile Centre.

How much are heat mats for Leopard Geckos?

You can buy heat mats from around £10 from Northampton Reptile Centre.

You should provide a heat mat as it simulates the warm rocks that a Leopard Gecko would lie on at the end of a day.

How much are hides for Leopard Gecko’s?

Hides start from £1.80 from the Northampton Reptile Centre.

Your gecko will need a hide which is moist inside and a hide in the warmer end of his vivarium, where he can digest his food.

How much are thermometers and hygrometers?

You can buy a Digital Thermo – Hygrometer from Swell Reptiles for £19.99. The product has 5 stars.

Its important that your provide a temperature gradient within your gecko’s vivarium. There should be a warm end and a cool end.

Your vivarium should also be humid – you can provide a water bowl to create this, or mist the vivarium with a water spray. A most hide should also form part of this.

It’s important that you measure the temperature and moisture levels to ensure they’re not to high or low for your gecko.  Find out what temperature your vivarium should be.

How much is vivarium decoration?

You can buy rocks for your vivarium for around £9.50 from Amazon. These will help your gecko to feel even more at home as he scampers around his vivarium.


How much is insurance for Leopard Gecko’s?

You can cover your Leopard Gecko for £1,000 of vet fees for around £127.84 a year or 10 x (0% APR) Direct Debit installments of around £12 a month.

To cover your Leopard Gecko for death, theft and £1,000 of vet fees you’ll be looking at around £145.76 a year or 10 x (0% APR) Direct Debit installments of around £14 a month.

To cover your Leopard Gecko for death and theft only you’ll be looking at £42.87 a year or 10 x (0% APR) Direct Debit installments of around £4 a month.

Insurance is an important part of responsible pet ownership. If your gecko is ill you’ll need to take him to the vet, and these costs can quickly mount up. And as we know there’s sadly no NHS for pets.

Insurance gives you options, so that you can focus on the right treatment for your gecko.

Find out more about leopard gecko insurance, or…

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19 Sep 2017

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