Safe food and plants list for parrots


What plants and food can you safely give your parrot? We’ve compiled an extensive list of plants, fruit and vegetables to help you on your way.

Tables of contents: What indoor plants can parrots eat? | What outdoor plants can parrots eat? | What fruit can parrots eat? | What vegetables can parrots eat? | Other fruits, salad vegetables and herbs

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Knowing what plants, fruit and vegetables are safe for your parrot can be difficult. Our list gives you some help and guidance.

You should remember that if the plants, vegetables or fruits have been sprayed with pesticides, then they may make your parrot poorly. Make sure you wash them before giving them to your bird.

What indoor plants can parrots eat?

African Violets Coffee tree Indian Laurel Rubber plant
Aloe Corn plant Jade plant Spider plant
Areca palm Creeping fig Kangaroo Vine Umbrella tree
Australian laurel Danish ivy Lace Fern Wandering jew
Bamboo palm Dragon tree Lady palm
Begonias European fan palm Paradise palm
Birds nest fern Fiddle leaf fig Parlour palm
Boston Fern Laurel leaf fig Pepperomia
Canary island palm Flame nettle Prayer plant
Christmas cactus Hawaiian Scheffler Purple passion

For more in depth advice and guidance on feeding your parrot, try reading: What your parrot can eat, diet and food ideas.

What outdoor plants can parrots eat?

American Bittersweet Cotoneaster Firethorn Poplar
Autumn Olive Crab apple Raspberry
Bamboo Dogwood Rose
Barberry Elderberry (Common, European or Red) Spruce
Bayberry Balsam, (Douglas, Subalpine or White Fir) Viburnum
Beech Grape Ivy Wax plant
Bladdernut Huckleberry Willow
Blueberry Marigold
Comfrey Nasturtium
Coral Berry Pyracantha

Plants can make great toys and hideouts. Find out how in: 10 ideas for homemade parrot toys

What fruit can parrots eat?

Apple Papaya Watermelon
Banana Passion fruit
Butternut  Peaches
Cape Gooseberries Pear
Cantaloupe Pomegranate
Citrus Fruits Satsuma
Grapes Star fruit
Mango Nectarines

Parrot eating corn on the cob

What vegetables can parrots eat?

Asparagus Collard greens Runner beans
Beetroot Corn on the cob Swede
Bell peppers Courgette Sweet potato
Broccoli Ginger Yam
Brussel sprouts Grapes Carrots


Marrow Cucumber
Butternut Mushrooms* Dandelion
Carrots Pulses
Chillies Radish

*Mushrooms are a food debated by many parrot experts. Some argue that button, cremini, portobello, and porcini mushrooms are a safe food for parrots. But, these types of mushrooms must be washed and boiled to remove any harmful toxins before feeding.

Other fruits, salad vegetables and herbs that your parrot can eat are:

Courgettes Other winter squashes Spinach
Kale Parsley
Okra Pumpkin

The diet information provided has been cross referenced against several different sources, however we cannot guarantee its accuracy.

Should you choose to follow the guidance provided you do so at your own risk. If you’re not sure what you should feed your parrot, we advise that you check with your vet.

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Tamara Labelle
06 Jul 2017

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