Rabbit names – from female, to male, funny to famous rabbit names


Needing name ideas for your new rabbit? Then check our list of female, male, famous and funny….

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Check out our list of girl, boy, famous and funny rabbit names. You can also take a peak at the rabbit names of pets insured with us.

Female rabbit names

If you’ve got a girl bunny, you may like these names:


Willow Lilly Hatty
Bella Rose Dotty
Splash Misty Toffee
Pippin Poppy Mango
Blueberry Bumble Milly
Waffle Wispa Blackberry
Bramble Primrose Violet
Popcorn Storm Daisy
Peony Rose Muffin
Regina Shadow Ebony


Male rabbit names

Or if you own a boy bun, what about one of these?


Reggie Peter Dustin
Smudge Smokey Storm
Christian Blue Alfie
Arlo Rocky Apollo
Ivan Thomas Thor
Viking Waffle Marble
Cookie Bernie Sunny
Simba Mafusa


What would you call this cute bun?

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Beatrix Potter rabbit names

If you like Beatrix Potter you may like these…


Peter Rabbit Benjamin bunny
Flopsy Mopsy
Cottontail Peter
Mrs. Josephine Rabbit Mr. Bouncer Bunny


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Famous rabbit names

One of the most famous rabbits of course is Peter Rabbit, the cheeky rabbit from the children’s book series by Beatrix Potters.

In the first book Peter creeps into Mr McGregor’s garden to eat vegetables, but gets spotted by Mr McGregor. Like with all cheeky rabbits, he attempts to make an escape, but gets himself into scrapes.

Not only does he lose his coat and shoes, but he also ends up hiding in the garden shed. Sound familiar?

Peter’s adventure ends with him eventually escaping through the garden gate, and finally making it home.

So who else has brought fame to the world of rabbit names?


Thumper is the rabbit from Bambi, the animated movie. Thumper is famous for the way he thumps his left foot, and the phrase “If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all” known as the Thumperian principle, Thumpers Rule or Thumpers Law.

Thumpers mum chastised Thumper with this now famous saying, when he teased the young Bambi in the movie for being wobbly.

In the film, Thumper makes friends with Bambi and Flower the skunk, and the story follows their life together, which is also joined by Faline, the beatiful doe.

Bugs Bunny:

Moving on the famous Bugs Bunny was the face (or rabbit!) of Warner Bros for years. He was a cheeky, flippant rabbit, famous for his saying “What’s up doc?”.

Bugs Bunny features in a range of animated short Loony Tunes and Merrie Melody films.

Roger Rabbit:

Roger is the famous, fearless and funny rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Set in the 1947 LA it brings together animation and reality and featured Bob Hoskins playing along side Roger. Who can forget those ears!

Here’s our list of famous rabbit names from television and the big screen.



Lola bunny – famous from Loony Tunes Roger rabbit – Who Framed Roger Rabbit Rabbit – Winne the Pooh
Oswald the lucky rabbit Peter Rabbit – Beatrix Potter book series Buster Baxter – Arthur
Snowball – The Secret Life of Pets Buster Bunny – Loony Tunes Bre’er rabbit – The Adventures of Bre’er rabbit
Hazel – Watership Down E. Aster Bunnymund – Rise of the Guardians Skippy bunny – Robin Hood
Swift Heart rabbit – Care Bears Vanilla the rabbit – Sonic the Hedgehog

Social media rabbits

Social media is a popular way to follow your favourite rabbits.

On Instagram you can find Bunnymama who shares the adventures of Tato, Bowie, Ellie and Moo.

Bini The Bunny features on Instagram and Facebook with adventures such as painting and dressing up!

While bunnymelv shares the adventures of Melvin and Bianca both on Insta and Facebook.

Funny rabbit names

If you’re after something to make you smile. Why not consider a twist on the normal? Check out these names:

Luke Skyhopper Cinnabun Harry Hopper
Rabbit Downey Jnr Obi Bun Kenobi David Hasselhop
Nibbler Barak O’bunny Napoleon Bunnyparte
Rabbit DeNiro Leonardo DeRabbito Atilla the Bun
Benedict Cumberbunny Bun Affleck Dennis Hopper
Ears McKenzie Bunny and Clyde Jumposaurus Rex
Lop lop Santa Paws


White rabbit names

Own a rabbit as white as snow? Then check out these names:

Angel Arctic Blizzard
Casper Chalky Daisy
Ivory Jasmine Lily
Pearl Quartz Snowflake


ExoticDirect rabbit names

Finally, to the fur babies insured by us. Here are some of the cute names our customer’s have come up with.

Bramble Pumpkin Woody
Snowy Rosie Cookie
Daisy Bonnie Treacle
Marshmallow Maahi Pepper
Trapper BB Buttons
Toto Evie Beastie
Minixi Taffie Snowflake
Bella Puffy Willow
Bertie Alex Leon
Amber Scooby Poppy


Charlie Toffee Grey
Kikki Molly Cuddles
Cookie Mable George
Gus Marley Milky Bar
Nutmeg Tuptus River
Willow Boris Cherry
Cookie Monster Sage Blossom
Mitzie Arlo Honey
Mr T October Jet
Coal Sophia Esme


Hercules Jasmine Horace


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Tamara Labelle
21 Nov 2019

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