The lost and found parrot register does it again!


Find out how a parrot was reunited with its owner after it was added to the Lost and Found Register

A parrot owner recently lost his bird and contacted the Lost and Found Register UK with his bird’s ring number and details.

The owner was given advice on what to do next to increase the chances of his bird being found. This included putting up posters in vets and shops.

In the meantime the bird’s details were added to the Lost and Found Register. An edited version of this is displayed on various websites, including The Parrot Society.

The bird was found by a member of the public who thankfully took it to a vet. The vet contacted the Lost and Found Register UK with the bird’s ring number, which was cross referenced against the register.

As a result the bird and owner were reunited within 24 hours!

Ringing your bird provides a form of identification should it be lost or stolen, saving you additional stress.

In this case there was a happy ending to what could have been a distressing story.

The National Theft Register was run by John Hayward a retired Chief Detective Inspector and Wildlife Liaison Officer. He ran the National Theft Register along with the Parrot Magazine Lost and Found register for many years. We’re deeply saddened to announce he passed away on 3rd October 2018.

John’s family have agreed to help run the National Theft Register for any urgent enquiries until it can be taken over by someone else.

However this is for urgent enquiries only.

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Tamara Labelle
27 June 2014

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